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Grammar 101 – Part 2 📖 (Month 5)

Have you ever come across someone who mixes up the phrases do to and due to wrongly? Have you have heard someone who uses these phrases incorrectly that may lead to an unwanted miscommunication?

Do you still find it difficult or confusing to differentiate these words/phrases?

So, what is the difference between do to and due to?

No worries! As always, we got you covered! 😊👍

✨Do To vs Due To✨

One of these phrases is commonly misused because of how similar they sound in pronunciation. But in reality, only one between the two is correct, while the other one doesn’t make any sense when it is put together in a sentence. Can you already guess which one’s which?

If you answered that the correct phrase is due to, then you get yourself a pat on the back! 😄👏

📌 Due to is used when you are trying to talk about something that is caused by another thing.
📌 Do to is grammatically incorrect but it is often a misspelled phrase from the original phrase (due to).

Due to the fact that I’m getting sick, I should get myself checked to the doctor.
She’s delighted due to her house getting renovated.

If you are still struggling on how to differentiate the two, you could simply use the word because to substitute due to! 😁

Stay tuned for more Grammar 101 by Linguosco to improve your English grammar! 👌

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