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Grammar 101 – Part 3 📖 (Month 5)

Have you ever come across someone who mixes up the words less and fewer wrongly? Have you have heard someone who uses these words incorrectly that may lead to an unwanted miscommunication?

Do you still find it difficult or confusing to differentiate these words?

So, what is the difference between less and fewer?

No worries! As always, we got you covered! 😊👍

✨Less vs Fewer✨

Most of the time, people would use less and fewer in the wrong context because they mean the same thing, but there’s actually a guideline on how to use them properly!

We discussed about the difference between many and much on our previous post (Grammar 101 – Part 1 (Month 5)). Check it out before you read the rest of this caption! 😄

📌 Less means “not as much” and is used with uncountable nouns.
📌 Fewer means “not as many” and is used with countable nouns.

I wanted less pepper in my pasta.
I wanted fewer vegetables in my soup.

See how you couldn’t switch them up and use fewer for pepper and less for vegetables? It’s because the words fewer and less are already specially designated! 😎

Although, there are some special cases when it comes to these words. Even though we can count money and time, it is expected for us to use less rather than fewer.

Stay tuned for more Grammar 101 by Linguosco to improve your English grammar! 👌

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