Our Services

We offer six types of services: 


Professional Translation, Sworn Translation and Proofreading

We have several options for

translation and proofreading services in Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, Japanese, German, Dutch and Arabic.


Resume / Curriculum Vitae Writing

For your professional, academic or personal needs, we provide experienced curriculum vitae or resume writing as well as consultations to help your job-seeking process.


Cover Letter Writing

Cover letter is essential for you to win or secure job or academic opportunities. If you need any help on making or modifying your cover letter, you can leave it to us!


We deliver transcribing for your personal, professional and academic needs. It may be in the form of audio or video format. Top-notch transcribing services are knocking at your door.


Whether you have TV series, movies, clips or documentaries in need of subtitles, we can make it happen! By using our services, you will be able to fulfil your subtitling needs.


We can be your trusted partner that brings you copies which can generate sales and impact for the purpose of your business pitch, company profile or personal blog!

Experienced customer relations catered especially for your needs .

Linguistic solutions can help you achieve your goals.