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Word of the Week: Part 20 📖

Word: Reciprocate 👥🗣️👤

Have you ever heard, read, or used the word reciprocate? Do you know what this word means? ❓❓❓

According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of reciprocate is:

“to behave or feel toward someone in the same way as they behave or feel toward you.”

As stated by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the synonyms of reciprocate are recompense, repay, and requite. The antonym of reciprocate is owe.

To reciprocate is to do something in response to an action in a way that corresponds or is somehow equivalent to that action.

This is often positive.
✅ For example, when you are shown affection by a loved one, you can reciprocate by showing affection back. When someone does you a favor, you can reciprocate by doing something nice for them.

However, reciprocating can also be negative.
❌ For example, if someone insults you, you may reciprocate by insulting them back or doing something else to get back at them.

A much more informal way of saying reciprocate is the verb phrase return the favor. 🙏🎁

The noun form of reciprocate is reciprocation, which refers to the act of reciprocating or a specific instance of it, as in “This gift is reciprocation for all your support.”

You can check out some examples of sentences using the word reciprocate to understand the word more!

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