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Word of the Week: Part 26

Word: Petulant

Petulant : Word of the Week

Have you ever heard, read, or used the word petulant? Do you know what this word means? ❓❓❓

According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of petulant is:

“behaving in an angry or sulky way, especially because you cannot do or have what you want.”

As stated by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the synonyms of petulant are cranky, grumpy, irritable, snarky, etc.

Petulant can be used when you see someone being rude about things not going accordingly to their plans. Perhaps they got stood up by a date or lost a bet with their friends.

For example, Harry is being petulant because Maisie ditched the date and hang out with her friends instead.

When people use the word petulant towards you, it means that you are being visibly annoying because you cannot get or achieve something you desire. 😤

Another example is “She is being petulant because she missed the flash sale held at midnight.” 😠

You can check out some examples of sentences using the word petulant to understand the word more!

Petulant : Word of the Week

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