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Word of the Week: Part 22

Word: Deviate ❄

Have you ever heard, read, or used the word deviate? Do you know what this word means? ❓❓❓

According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of deviate is:

“to be different from something; to do something in a different way from what is usual or expected.”

As stated by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the synonyms of deviate are aberrant, aberrational, abnormal, anomalous, atypical, deviant, devious, irregular, unnatural, and untypical. The antonyms of deviate are natural, normal, regular, standard, and typical.

The verb deviate can refer to divergence from a predicted path or road (“the airplane’s route deviated from the flight plan”), but it can also refer to a divergence from normal behavior or expectations. When women demanded the right to vote, their behavior was considered shocking and deviated from the expectations of the time. 🙋➡🤯

If something turns off course or is diverted, it deviates from the expected or the norm. Deviating from explicit recipe directions is never a good idea, unless you want inedible food or a kitchen fire. 🔥

Another example is “the bus had to deviate from its usual route because of a road closure.” 🚍💨

Deviation means doing something that is different from what people consider to be normal or acceptable. 🍀🍀🍀

To deviate is to do something outside the norm. It is usually done unintentionally but it can also be done intentionally. 💃🕺

You can check out some examples of sentences using the word deviate to understand the word more!

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