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Word of the Week: Part 19

Word: Painstaking ✍📜📏

Have you ever heard, read, or used the word painstaking? Do you know what this word means? ❓❓❓

According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of painstaking is:

“​​done with a lot of care, effort and attention to detail.”

Uses of the word painstaking recently suggest that some speakers may think it’s a synonym for painful or difficult. This is a common mistake and misconception. ❌🚫

As stated by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the synonyms of painstaking are careful, conscientious, fussy, loving, meticulous, and scrupulous. The antonym of painstaking is careless.

Painstaking combines the noun pain and the verb to take. One meaning of pain is “trouble taken for the accomplishment of something.” Also, in early use, it meant “trouble in accomplishing something, difficulty.”

As an adjective, painstaking can be applied to an action, as in “the painstaking collection of forensic evidence.” Usually it applies to the person who is taking pains over a task.

If you notice that painstaking is composed of pain and taking, you already have a pretty clear sense of what this adjective means: to be painstaking is to be so careful, so meticulous, so thorough, that it hurts. 😵🥵

For example:
A painstaking search, examination, or investigation is done extremely carefully and thoroughly. 🔍🧐

You can check out some examples of sentences using the word painstaking to understand the word more! ⏫⏪

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