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German Week – Week 1 (Part 3) 🇩🇪

Guten tag - Week 3

Guten tag! 👋😊

This week, Linguosco will post some interesting content exclusively about the German language (Deutsch)! 🇩🇪

We dedicate this week for Deutsch! Fun facts, memes, grammar, and so much more! We guarantee you all will learn something new about the German language from each post! 😉👌

That’s why we call this week “German Week”! “German Week” is a monthly content so make sure to stay tuned! Don’t miss it! 👍

This content will be both in German (previous post) and Bahasa Indonesia (next post)! 🇩🇪 – 🇮🇩

Stay tuned this Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to see what we will post during this month’s German Week!

Auf Wiedersehen! 👋

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